"Megan Chapman is an inspiration with her passion and commitment to art in the community and this spreads worldwide through the power of the Internet. Early on in my career, I commissioned Megan to do a portfolio review which was absolutely brilliant and helped me a lot with my path forward."
– Deborah E Burrow

"Ms. Chapman has reviewed some of my paintings and helped me fine tune my process, allowing me to take my work to the next level. In addition, she has offered a constant stream of encouragement for my installations. I will be forever grateful."
– Craig Colorusso

"Megan Chapman exudes kindness, enthusiasm, and passion so that art can live, projects can exist and for all of this to be shared."
– Christian Demare

"Megan Chapman helped me progress experiments, to an international standard. When we first communicated, I painted in a dusty cold garage, yet through her guidance, I have progressed to a studio, and then to director of studios, and my work evolved with her input at every stage. I'm grateful for her experience, talent and willingness to share technique, style, and presentation."
– Steven Heaton

"Megan is the person you want in your corner when it comes to promoting your art. As a novice artist, her encouragement and belief in my work was the primary motivation for getting my art exhibited. No one works harder on your behalf."
– John Spurgeon

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